She Made Garbage Bag Bunting

I’ve had a lot of painters tape, packing tape and garbage bags in my life lately which begged the question: “Why not put them all together for some neato 4th of July bunting?” It has all the right colors for 4th of July and it literally takes a minute to make. You can’t argue with cute and simple can you?

Please forgive the dark grainy photos, we are in the middle of moving! Better pics from the 4th of July house warming party will be coming soon. I promise.


Blue painters tape
White garbage bags
Clear packing tape for hanging.

I made about 6 of these to line a small cocktail table. For upcoming birthday parties I’m going to use colorful tape and stickers. The icing on the cake is that once the party isĀ  over you can take the tape off and still use these bags! Yeeehaw! If you think this project should win the He Vs She 4th of July decor challenge please leave a comment on this post! Cliff made a cute starburst out of BBQ skewers and a cork. Check it out. I must say he is a great contender!

Craft on.


  1. I love it. Who would have thought :D!

  2. well, i like anything with the word “bunting” in it!



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