I’m a designer, a craftsman, a crafter and a husband. This is my story and I’m sticking to it.

When I married my wife, I always knew she was different, I suppose that’s why I married her. I like different, in fact, run of the mill or standardized anything really bores me, that may be why it took me like 3.5 million years to pass Algebra. You can’t really interject creativity into standardized formulas, trust me I tried and it makes for a hard argument with someone that actually knows what they’re talking about, like a math professor.

My wife and I have been married some time now (Don’t ask how long, I’m not really sure, I’m bad about remembering dates, and I prefer to look forward not back) I guess, like many of you reading this, my life is a little less typical being married to a super creative person. I haven’t met a lot of people that can say that their spouse spends his or her Saturday making hats for Easter Eggs but mine does. If you live with a creative person, then you know how creativity is contagious. I have always been creative – hence my useless film degree, but having a relationship with someone that NEEDS to create vs. wanting create has been a mostly blissful experience to say the least.

I must admit, initially, I wasn’t super excited about arts and crafts, it took a few years before I really started to understand the allure. It’s funny to look at the primitive needs of both men and women. Guys like to destroy and control while women like to create and nurture.  However, as a guy, I have found new parts of my creative side thanks to my wife and her community of crafty friends. I have discovered that creativity is far more about the journey than the destination. I definitely didn’t understand that in beginning.

Back in the day when she would ask me to help her with her crafts, I usually dreaded it. However, as I learned more about the tools and techniques, I found ways to incorporate these new lessons into things that I wanted to do, things I wanted to make, and eventually, things I was proud to show off.

So here it is, I finally have my own makers section of the blog, it’s all about the dudes and I’m calling it “Man Made”.. catchy huh?

My inventions, craft-tastrophies and works of dare I say it – ART, will revolve around stuff I like. Which includes (but is not limited to):

• Outdoors (Camping, Hiking, Biking, Running, Flying, Surfing and the Like)

• Indoors ( Gadgets, Computers, Studio Equipment, Guitars, Banjos, Greasy snacks and Ice Cream )

• Garage ( Powertools, Car things and stuff that catches fire)

- I reserve the right to add or subtract from this list based on the way I feel on any given day. Also my interests vary from day to day – yeah, I’m a bit Bipolar in that respect but I’ve been told that it makes me an entertaining person to be around.

So welcome to “Man Made”, I hope you enjoy!

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