I am a pretty serious outdoorsman, that’s one of the main reasons Andrea and I left the bay area to live in San Diego. We wanted to be by the beach and spend more time outside. Some of our favorite activities are water sports, hiking and biking. As with any outdoor adventurer, at some point you’re going to get injured, lost or hungry for a Snickers. Being lost is scary, but being unprepared is a costly if not fatal mistake. Bring along a survival kit and as Cody Lundin would say “Save Your Ass”

You can easily prepare for a night alone (or with a loved one – kinda romantic and adventurous – If you’re not eaten by a wild animal).

Thanks to your already crafty skills, passing the time won’t be an issue, building a shelter should be a breeze, but leaving your best set of tools at home could be the start of your untimely demise.

This Man Made adventure into handmade madness is all about making a cost effective survival kit. These make great gifts too!



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