DIY Drink Coasters into iPad, iPod and iPhone holders

For holding just about any thin device

I play guitar, I’m not the best in the world, but it’s a great hobby and it is fun to integrate all of the new digital gadgets to help increase my guitar skills. One thing that really bugs me about all of my digital devices that I have (iPhone and iPad) for reading tablature or watching lessons on Youtube is their lack of affordable and DIY creative solutions for holding the device upright to make it easy to read while your hands are busy doing something else (lets keep this clean people)


Just a few coasters glued together can make a great gift for that musician in your family

Sure the iPhone has a few solutions, but those solutions usually run 35 bucks a pop and are not very original. The iPad solutions are very much the same. Limited and expensive.
A few weeks ago I went to the Taylor Guitar factory where they were giving out spruce cut outs from the sound holes produced during the manufacturing process for their guitars. If you go on a tour, they’ll let you grab a few, or you can even get them by just walking in the visitors center. Some of the recommended uses for these cut outs are for table coasters and Christmas ornaments. I guess that’s cool, but I immediatly saw a better and more functional use. How about a digital device holder to compliment the corner of your house that houses your favorite musical instrument.

Playing Songs from iTunes

In this case, my creation serves two purposes, it holds my digital device and it holds my spare guitar picks.
With just a few minutes of your time, a dremel tool or box knife and your favorite coasters, you can make a pretty sturdy device holder that can be a fun conversation piece and that is highly functional. You can do this with just about any thick cardboard coaster too.

You’ll need:
• Hot Glue
• Wood Glue
• Elmer’s Glue

• Box Cutter
• Dremal Tool

• Favorite thick cardboard beer or wine coasters

• Ruler

This is pretty simple.

Grab three of your favorite coasters, the thicker the better. Cut one in half, for the spruce coasters I used a ruler and box knife and took my time.

Next, Find the lean back angle you like and use a touch of hot glue to hold it in place.

Now, cut a piece to go behind it to help support the lean back piece.

You can mark the lean back support with a pencil, remember to measure twice and cut once.

Make sure it’s a good angle and once you’re happy with it, glue it in place. Using wood glue will look nicer and will be stronger than hot glue, but it will take longer.

For the final piece, place you device on the stand and get a feel for the right angle, then mark with a pen and install the front stop nub to keep it from sliding off the front.

Waa Laa.. You are done. These make fun gifts too.




I also ended up making a guitar pick holder. It was even easier.

If you are working with wood you’ll need a grinding tool like a Dremel tool to make notches for the picks. If you are using cardboard coasters, that may be necessary.

Just a few coasters glued together can make a great gift for that musician in your family

These make great gifts and Xmas Tree Ornaments










In this picture you can see the notches I made with my dremel tool



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