I did! Why? As of late Andrea has taken on this odd fascination with bunnies. So it came as no surprise when she cheerfully created a funky bunny portrait of us. I mean nothing says Cliff and Andrea Currie like a DIY project full of glitter, buttons, bandannas and generous use of bright colors.

This family masterpiece really didn’t need much more design, but Andrea insisted on having me put some flare into it. What’s a DIY husband to do? I knew I was going to get away with refurbishing an old frame for this. No no no…. This multimedia Bunnie family portrait deserves a frame that’s equally as unique and funky.

I started off with a trip to The Home Depot, I wanted to make something that would blow Andrea’s mind, but being that I am craft-tastically challenged and ADD, I also wanted to make something without dumping a ton of time and money into it.

Framed at last, the Funky Bunnies Hang Out.

While in The Home Depot, I ran across some gold chain. I had high hopes for it’s usability on this particular task and in all honesty, it was a lot of fun to work with. I may make use of it in a few more projects.

After selecting the chain and getting some steel screw eyes, I took them home and painted them with a similar color pink as that in the actual art piece. After they dried, I got to work on the canvas. See the video for a complete walk through.

According to Andrea, the frame looks masochistic. I suppose there may be a few people that are into that, to which I say “To each his own.”

Here are the tools I used:

Tools Used For Project

And now for the Hollywood production!








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One Response to The DIY Picture Frame Idea – Funky Bunnies

  1. Karen C says:

    You guys are the best…and Cliff I am still waiting for my mail to arrive of the great things you retrieved at Lisa Liza Lous :0)

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