Wetsuit with the HandMakeMyDay DIY Dryer at work

We live on the coast and love us some water sports. One thing I myself am not particular fond of is wearing a wetsuit, but in San Diego, for a few months out of the year, it’s a good idea or you’ll only last a few minutes before hypothermia sets in.
Cold winter days and trying to put on an already wet wetsuit can tests one’s devotion to the sport. Fortunately, through some DIY magic, I came up with a quick, easy and inexpensive way to dry that wetsuit out before you go hit the surf for the 8th time this week.

Enter the “Hand Make My Day – DIY Rapid Wetsuit Dryer” – ya, sounds like military lingo ?

HandMakeMyDay.com Portable Wetsuit Dryer DIY project

Here is what you will need:
• About 5 minutes and 6 bucks.

• A cheap portable fan with a diameter no larger than 5″. I found this one to be the cheapest and easiest to modify for the project. You can get it cheaper at Walmart- check their site too.

• Scissors or snips that can cut Zipties

• Zipties, small and large 2 of each size

• Some rockin 80′s music to make you feel like Macgyver

Watch the video for a complete instruction.. don’t worry, it’s short. This project is super easy and way too cool. You can make these for gifts too!



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