Some might think it looks like a science project gone wrong but I really enjoy wearing this fuzzy pom pom headband. It doesn’t take much to make it and while at the office I’ve received a bunch of compliments. I’m not going to lie though because in public I have been given a few strange looks! I guess they just don’t understand the creative DIY and design gene in me.


3 different colors of yarn



Warm Glue

Thin headband





  1. With one color of yarn make your biggest pom pom by wrapping it around 4 fingers about 130 times. Before trimming the pom pom make sure you do not cut the tie tails because you’re going to use them for fastening to the headband. For more deets on pom pom making visit Bella Dia.
  2. With remaining two colors make 3 finger pom poms. Wrapping about 80 times.
  3. (Optional) If you want to complete the look you could wrap the headband with yarn by hitting it with dots of hot glue (only on the top part of the headband) and wrapping the yarn up and around the band. Secure with knots and a dot of glue at each end.
  4. To make the pom poms fuzzy you’ll want to brush over them with some steel wool or something that will agitate the fuzz out of them. Yeah, I seriously said agitate the fuzz.
  5. Locate the best spot on the headband for your pom poms and tie them on securely. Once you are happy with the general placement you can give each one a shot of warm glue for extra hold.

I like to wear mine to spruce up a casual outfit but I think it could also be a great cocktail party accessory too!




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One Response to A DIY Pom Pom Headband – She Made

  1. Staci Gingery says:

    Yup… kinda loving this…

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