If you are reading this, you may be wondering “What are gluten free recipes doing on a DIY/Craft blog?”

or maybe saying to yourself:

“Omg.. he’s gluten free too?”

or “what is gluten free and why is it free?” In which case, you need to read this

All are excellent questions! and I will explain.

To make a very long blog post short, I’ll make this easy. A few years ago, after a few doctor visits and no answers as to why I felt sick, Andrea discovered I had a gluten intolerance because I had similar symptoms as a co-worker of hers that had spent years trying to find the source of her ailments.

After some crafty internet research on “Celiac’s Disease” I concocted a diet of gluten free foods and began a strict regimen of  cooking and eating only gluten free. Within a matter of weeks I began to feel better. My depression lessened, my irritable bowls  completely went away as I began to gain weight back that had gradually disappeared over the course of 4 years. I was down to 160lbs at 6’4″ (my weight in college was 178) and was desperately seeking answers as to why I was still losing weight. I felt crappy around the clock.

Now two years later, I feel pretty good. Often I crave a bacon cheeseburger or burrito from my local fast food joint, but the memory of the misery those types of foods create for weeks after I eat them quickly override any desire I have to have them.

I have decided to start posting my gluten free recipes on this blog because I have become proud of my cooking skills and my strict diet. I really like cooking gluten free. I feel great, eat well and play hard all thanks to a tweak in the diet that could have been easily overlooked as some other short or long term illness. So stay tuned for great recipes.



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  1. wheat free says:

    Greetings from Scotland! I enjoyed reading your articles.

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