Lately I have so many reasons to give thanks which explains why my stash of thank you cards has disappeared before my eyes. My stamp and paper drawers are calling my name but I can’t help but think “Why do I always have to make the thank you cards?” In fact why do I always have to make and distribute the thank you cards? Shouldn’t Mr. ManMade take some gratitude responsibility here? YES!!

The Challenge
What: No hassle Thank You cards

Level: Easy

Style: Personal style

Time frame: 5 minutes or less

Due: Before Memorial Day

Prize: Bragging rights (which is huge in my household)

Judging: The most comments on His and Hers blog posts will win. So vote for me ;)


**** Update ****

The cards are in and ready for your comments!

His Torn Up Man Thank You

Her Tissue Paper Flower Thank You



2 Responses to She vs. He — “Thank You” Cards

  1. [...] last. Now if you’re looking for something more “girly” go visit Andrea’s Tissue Paper Flower Thank You Card post. Vote for mine by commenting on this post! I desperately need some household bragging rights [...]

  2. [...] you card spirit too, which makes me happy and also kinda scared that he’s going to win the He Vs. She Thank You card Challenge. Jump over here to see his but before you leave please don’t forget to check out my super [...]

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