He Made a “Thank You” Card

Andrea put her foot down about thank you cards recently. In her “Thank You Card Challenge” she politely told me to step it up which in my head sounded like this: “Dude I’ve spent 5 years doting over every last thank you and now it’s your damn turn!” I don’t blame her for stepping in and saying something. Women are just so much more thoughtful than men. I can honestly say I’ve never sent out a thank you card and it’s not because I’m unappreciative. I just didn’t think that a piece of floral paper was a nicer gesture than a well formed verbal thank you. Ohh and I’m slow on the etiquette uptake. I mean by the time I realize a thank you note is in order Andrea is already dropping it in the mail….. Plus I’ve never seen a card that looks like a man would send, which is why I’m happily taking this challenge head on.

I had to start at the beginning. What do regular thank you cards look like? Flowers, shells, animals, frilly stuff that a man would never send. I imagined the recipient to be another guy friend like someone that has recently helped us move into our new house. A person that would initially question why I’m giving them a card in the first place. Then BLAM they’d realize it’s not just some card that Andrea made and I signed! It’s a Man Made thank you card for a man. Nothing wrong with that!



1) Pre-folded 4×6 white card. Andrea Always has these laying around and I’m very “thankful” for that!

2) Brown paper bag or brown paper

3) Goldish ink pad and black ink pad.

4) Thank You stamp or your manly handwriting

5) Washers. I used a few different sized washers with teeth because they are cool looking and they are lighter

6) Clear drying glue. I used Elmers

7) Tape runner or paper glue of choice


1) Brush a gold or brown ink pad along the edges of the card. This is Andrea’s simple vintage ink technique.

2) Rip about a 1 inch by 3 inch piece of brown paper bag. It should look torn.

3) Vintage ink the edges of brown paper with black ink.

4) Stamp Thank You message on brown paper or hand write it on. I did it in black ink.

5) Affix the brown paper to card with tape runner.

6) Adhere washers with clear glue in whatever pattern looks best.

What I like most about these cards is that each one is a bit different than the last. Now if you’re looking for something more “girly” go visit Andrea’s Tissue Paper Flower Thank You Card post. Vote for mine by commenting on this post! I desperately need some household bragging rights people!


  1. i love it!

  2. vote!



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