You like to send out thank you cards right? So do I!! I think I have invigorated Cliff’s thank you card spirit too, which makes me happy and also kinda scared that he’s going to win the He Vs. She Thank You card Challenge. Jump over here to see his but before you leave please don’t forget to check out my super easy Tissue Flower Thank You Card.

Tissue Flower Thank You Card


1) Small scraps of tissue. I used 2 different colors

2) Pre-folded white 4×6 card

3) Thank you stamp or really nice hand writing

4) Green pen

5) Glue. I used a dab of Elmers

6) Pencil with eraser

Time to complete: 5 minutes!


1) To crinkle flowers take about a 3 inch circle of tissue and twist it up using the eraser side of your pencil in the center of the tissue.

2) Repeat with 2inch and 1 inch circles.

3) Stack tissue with dabs of glue between layers and then glue to card about 2.5 inches up on card. Leave room to draw in stem.

5) Draw in stem and leaves with green pen

6) Stamp on Thank You or handwrite Thank You.

Note you may need to trim your tissue and flatten it a bit before stuffing into envelope.

Have fun and vote for my card by commenting on this blog post!





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2 Responses to She Made A Tissue Flower “Thank You” Card

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  2. lisa says:

    wait, no I love this one! can I change my vote, lol

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