Umbrella Throw Pillows

Spring is coming to an end and I’m here to tell you not to throw out those umbrellas! Make pillows with them instead. I’ve seen a few cool things done with the umbrellas such as purses and skirts but when I needed some nice accents to my outdoor furniture I couldn’t think of anything better than to use colorful and water resistant umbrella material.

Umbrellas come in so many different colors and if you recycle some plastic bags as your filler you have yourself an eco-friendly totally cute pillow! My little tute below will walk you through the smaller no sew 10 minute start to finish pillow.

Outdoor Umbrella Pillow Materials

  1. Umbrella fabric
  2. About 15 plastic grocery type bags or 6 garbage bags
  3. 2 rubber bands


Throw in a wee bit of sewing and a few buttons for an indoor pillow. Either way I think you’ll have fun with this project! Don’t forget to go see what Cliff did with the umbrella frames that I left behind!




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  1. love you guys site! so fun!



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