Ok, here’s how the story goes. Crafter marries DIYer, they spend the next 5 years pushing each other over the creative edge by producing a weekly internet craft show and creating/hacking apart just about everything in sight. Then one day they realize that they need to bring their creative talents together into one happy bloggie place. So here you are. Hand MAKE My Day, the spot in the middle of the road where crafters, DIYers nerds, artists, hackers and makers collide. You can call it what you want but at the end of the day it’s a blog where you’ll find all kinds of handmade goodness from the perspective of an overly creative not so typical married couple.

Most people recognize Cliff and I as the producers and hosts of Craft-Tastic LIVE a weekly internet craft show that gained a strong following over the span of a year. As Cliff and I became more involved with the production and social aspects we realized a few things:


  • Everyone loves Cliff (I love him too).
  • I have considered getting help for my addiction to  glitter and buttons.
  • We have a pact to create for life.
  • In the past I hated blogging. Now I’m pretty keen on it.
  • We enjoy spending our late evenings coming up with alternate words to Lady Gaga songs.
  • Cliff is not a crafter although he has a healthy respect for everything crafty especially glitter.
  • We have a deep desire to make each other and our friends laugh.
  • We like to party, we like, we like to party!
  • We’re eco-friendly not because it’s trendy but mostly because we’re cheap. We actually do care about the environment but we’re not gonna lie, sometimes we do some not so eco-friendly things because of our frugal nature. Spray paint anyone?
  • We are nerds, geeks, goofballs to the core and we aren’t afraid to show it.

No matter the type of maker you are we hope you’ll enjoy our newly constructed sandbox full of all kinds of creative ways to hand MAKE your day. While your here put yourself on the mailing list and follow us on our FB fanpage!

Craft on.



8 Responses to The Birth of Hand MAKE My Day

  1. Tambra says:

    You two have to be one of the coolest couples on this planet! I’m really looking forward to this blog, almost as much as your craft shows! Love ya both!

  2. Janelle @ P K Glitz says:

    I like your new site! I have also signed up for your newsletter. Really looking forward to what you two have in store for this new blog :)

  3. lisa says:

    omGGGGGGG – I seriously need a shot of curries….when am I coming down to SD y’all???!!!

  4. David Spahn says:

    1) Pink is NOT your color, Cliff. :P
    2) Whodathunkit that the white boy had so many funky fresh moves?
    3) Very cool video and site. Congrats. :)

  5. Alesia Fowler says:

    Wohooooooo so happy for you! You need anything, I tell you anything that I can do to help you along you jus let me know. Oh Cliff please no more rapping….please. Giggle Hugs Alesia

  6. leslierahye says:

    awesomeness!!! Love the video! love the concept! love the Andrea and the Cliff!! Can’t wait to see more! :)

  7. Lee S says:

    I am so thrilled with your concept! Nothing better than CRAFTS AND DIY!! Cliff IS a crafter,and a very good one! He just may not realize it! I follow you on You Tube and have missed your Crafttastic shows online! Best Wishes for a great year ahead!

  8. Gen Voss says:

    The coolest crafty couple eva!! Good to have you back! XO

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