We have many sectors in our tiny studio. A paper sector, a glue sector, a general crafts sector, a glitter sector and a sewing sector. We’ve been cleaning up the craft room in order to prep for our big move and I came across this poor little pin cushion all wrapped in a nest of thread. This clearly demonstrates how much of a renegade sewer I am. I haphazardly mow through all kinds of fabric projects without using patterns or following any instructions. Then I’m so tired from all the energy I’ve put forth that I don’t have the energy to properly clean up the creative mess I’ve made…..A tleast that’s how I justify why my craft room looks like a glitter and yarn hurricane hit it.

So why is this poor little pin cushion worthy of a blog post? Well it illustrated to me how crazy and knotted up our lives have been the past couple of years mostly because our creative energy gets us involved with so many things leaving us with little energy left to sort out the mess we’ve created. I know it’s a little strange to compare our life to a messy pin cushion. Before I lose you let’s talk about how easy it was to clean up this pin cushion mess.

Remove pins, brush away thread, put pins back in. Done. So as weird as it may sound this little pin cushion helped me realize that although things get complicated it’s easy enough to remove all the insanity and put it all back together without a bunch of stress or drama.

The next Craft-Tastrophe post will be straight Craft-Tastrophe with no excuses or analogies. Just full on craft carnage that should be illegal to be photographed or blogged, I promise ;)



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