This is my initial reaction to Cliff’s PMS SOS Kit post. “WTH?” ‘Really?” If you haven’t read it please do so now. If you have already read his attempt to pacify me during my most loathed time of the month please continue reading.

I love you even when you're a monster.....

I love you even when you're a monster.....

Ok, so here’s the dealio. My husband is AMAZING in so many ways. He really does think of all of the little details when gift giving, although I would have added a bow to this gift and maybe a nice note but that’s just me. Ohh yeah and I wouldn’t have called it the “PMS SOS Kit.” How condescending right? In parts of his PMS SOS Kit post he mentions timing being the key to giving this gift. This I totally agree with. In fact he should have taken his own advice on this one. I am petitioning for these additions to his list of when NOT to give this kit:

1) Ever….. Just saying.

2) After cooking a so-called decent meal of undercooked potatoes and overcooked chicken (what I call chicken jerky).

3) After you’ve used all of her favorite color Krylon spray paint without asking.

4) After you’ve called her sneaky about her weight concerns.

5) After you’ve written a seemingly innocent blog post about pacifying your overly emotional and irritable wife with chocolate and chick flicks.

Maybe I’m being a little rough on the guy but it’s an eye opener when your husband best describes you as a monster one week out of the month. I could take some advice from our readers and throw a bottle of Midol at his head (Amanda) or give him a kit to cure his disgusting flatulence (Lisa). Sometimes I wonder if I would prefer being a house wife in the 1950′s, a time when blogs didn’t exist and that “time of the month” was never talked about. Of course that really wouldn’t work out because although I love the cat-eye glasses, I’d hate all of the housework.

With that in mind I guess I really do appreciate how open-minded husband is. As much as I was shocked to read about about my menstrual madness, I quickly realized that he’s brilliantly bold and that’s what this blog is all about. For all the guys reading this. Please don’t let this post scare you away from making your lady her very own kit. I’d just stay clear of blogging about it or using PMS anywhere in the title or messaging. In fact if this kit came to me with a note that said “Best Wife Kit,” you’d be reading an entirely different blog post.

Now leave me alone so I can watch a chick flick and eat some damn chocolate!


5 Responses to She Received a PMS SOS Kit

  1. Cliff says:

    You are right hun, maybe the name of the project is a little to litteral, but you how I am- that’s how I roll. I’m happy that you are my monster and no one else’s. Now seriously, no more complaining about the grape jam or jelly. It’s good stuff! :)

  2. lisa fulmer says:

    listening to the two of you “blogbicker” is way better than being married myself!! brilliant blogging, the both of you!

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  4. lisa fulmer says:

    blogbicker is all yours, baby – not to be confused with frogflicker.

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