A Father’s Day 2011

A little bit of Russian Surplus.. The Yak 52

Well here it comes, the third Sunday in June and you know what that means.. it’s time for Father’s Day 2011.

Father’s Day always presents somewhat of a challenge for me. My dad is a lot like me, or should I say, I am a lot like him. We have a lot of hobbies and a lot of interests and they change in order of importance from day to day. If we had a common denominator, I would have to say that it is airplanes. My dad has been flying since he was 16, he then went on to be a captain in the Army as fixed wing and helo pilot while serving two tours in Vietnam.

The guy is a pretty amazing, he has a wall of accolades and merits he received in while in the service, but he doesn’t talk about them. I once asked him what they were for and he replied with “for being young a stupid” and that was the end of that conversation. Some day, we’ll go through them one by one and he can tell me the meaning behind each.

So I guess the challenge is, can I make something for Father’s Day that is actually useful? trinkets and decorations are nice thoughts, but they rarely hold an engineer’s attention. Andrea and I will need to brainstorm on this. I don’t even know where to begin.

This may prove to be my most challenging make yet.

Do you make gifts or buy gifts for Father’s Day?


  1. we used to buy dad tools, tools, tools….he could build or fix just about anything with all the stuff he had. quite an ordeal to find homes for everything when he died. father’s day meant a trip to Sears and he was happy.

    • Yeah, Sears is always good for that gadget tools. You know the ones that never really do anything well, but it’s a bet he doesn’t already own it.. because it’s useless. Heart Sears. :)

  2. This is so cool! My Ex also was a chopper pilot in DaNang in 1967-68. I bet your dad was stationed at some of the places we were: Ft. Wolters,TX, Ft Rucker, Ft Eustis,VA…ask him.
    I think if you make him something with a Military flare, it will mean alot to him—and put a pic of his Huey and plane in it somehow!



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