Generally I leave all the party decor stuff to Andrea because she really really really enjoys making party decor. Did I mention she really loves it? I don’t hate creating party decor it’s just that my style usually has to do with fire or things exploding which doesn’t mesh well with the paper garlands Andrea is so fond of making. This year I’m creating a 4th of July party decor challenge to prove to Andrea that indeed I can create some really neat decor without the party going up in flames. Since she’s so well versed in party decor I’m already feeling like I’m at a disadvantage with this challenge but that’s not going to stop me from throwing in some rules that will hopefully level the playing field.

He Vs. She 4th of July Party Decor
Materials: Anything in the craft room or house.
Rules: No going to the store for ANYTHING. I mean it. NADA, zip, zilch. NOTHING! This is a stash busting challenge. This should trip her up…hehehe.
Due Date: June 20th

Here’s how it works. The person who instigates a He Vs. She design challenge in a blog post (like this one) lays down the rules on time, materials or whatever they want. Then once both projects are posted, the readers (you) vote on which you like the best by commenting on either of the blog posts. You can also submit your ideas in the form of comments and “help” your favorite blogger (hopefully that’s me) by sending inspirational links and words of encouragement (which I’ll need to win!).

Wish me luck!
******* Update*******

The projects are in and ready for your votes!

Andrea’s garbage bag bunting.

My totally amazing BBQ skewer starburst.



4 Responses to He Vs. She 4th of July Party

  1. Andrea says:

    Bring it on!

  2. Cliff says:

    ohh please.. It’s been “Brought’en”

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