Did We Mention We Are Moving?

Into our very first home! Ok, it’s a condo but it’s the perfect fit for our lifestyle and needs just the right amount of TLC to make it all our own. To get your creative juices flowing here’s what we’re working with at Chateau Currie (Which Cliff calls Del Taco Currie).

1 Bed 2.5 bath with large loft
1500 sqft
View of golf course and some ocean too!
Style= Super 70’s! We have a wet bar people!

The View!

Would you believe that Cliff and I actually golf?

The den which has it's original 70's lamp. You know I'm refurbishing that right?

Standing near the balcony door shooting towards the entry,kitchen and loft.



The loft studio! Swooooooon!

It already had beer in the fridge which was a huge selling point ;)



















As you can imagine the Hand MAKE My Day Blog, Facebook page, YouTube Channel and Twitter feeds will be chalk full of our home design and DIY projects/disputes as well as our head to head challenges which you will be called upon to help resolve. It’s going to be a wild summer, so don’t say we didn’t warn you! First stop laminate floor installation. Eeeeek!


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Craft On.


  1. save a beer for me!

  2. oh, this is SO exciting!!! and I can only imagine how crafty/unique this home will become!! Congrats!! We had a wet bar in the house before the divorce…fun. and I love your STUDIO!! It has a LOT of square footage!! and what a view! You two have it made!!! (remember I said this!)

  3. congrats!! it looks just fab!! love that loft and the view is to die for..


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