He Made a Mini Bar For Golfers

Give a gift he/she will actually use!

If you read my previous post then you know I was really struggling with what to make my dad for Father’s Day. Enter the Mini Bar for Golfers.

Well it dawned on me that I should do something golf related because whenever I call him he’s always out golfing with his friends (AKA 5 hour Man Date). It’s no secret that any proper golf outing that involves 2 or more amateur golfers also includes drinking, either before, during or after the game. Although beer and golfing seem to go hand in hand some people prefer to be a little more discrete with their drunken par 4’s.

So how about an incognito minibar for those discerning golfers? One that is disguised as a box of brand new balls ready to be lost and never seen again. Then BLAM! It’s actually a box full of the goodies all golfers really want but never had the balls to admit (pun intended). Hard alcohol BABY! That way when dad slices one into the pond he can dip into the sauce before throwing his club across the green.

Here is what you will need:

Golf Survival Kit

A box of balls


1. A box of balls, one with the lid that lifts straight off. I got mine for 10 bucks and plan on giving the rest of the golf balls to Dad separately.



The Gin wasn't fortunate enough to make it into the final project, but we love you none the less!

2. Your golfer’s preferred brand or type of drink. In my case, my dad likes a few whiskeys. The really good stuff doesn’t come in small sample bottles, but there are some great ones in those sizes too.

3. Hot glue, Elmers glue, green construction paper and a pen.




How to:

1. Outline your box on the construction paper. Make sure it’s the bottom part.

Yes, That's a smart pen. It rocks!

2. Cut your construction paper, you can cut inside the lines since the outline will be slightly larger than the box

3. Trim to fit in the bottom





Enough glue to hold the weight of the contents

4. Glue bottom down with white glue or hot glue






5. Arrange your contents and use a dab of hot glue to hold everything in place.

Give a gift he/she will actually use!









6. Sit back and appreciate an inexpensive gift that will actually get used.

Since my dad really isn’t a golfing lush the mini bar part is actually a little joke that goes along with some neat tools and golfing necessities. If your golfing dad wouldn’t laugh at the mini bar then just give him the box of balls with a note that says “2 balls for each hole!” Love ya dad!

(In no way do I endorse or promote drunk driving even if it’s golf cart driving, so drink responsibly).


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