Flashback Friday: How To Make Bow Tie Rings

From time to time we get requests from our Andrea Currie Crafts website to re-do some of the projects that I demoed on Craft-Tastic LIVE but was too busy producing a weekly show to actually put the directions in a blog post. So here’s our first Hand MAKE My Day Flashback Friday project! Bow Tie Rings. Ughhh, can I tell you how much I love these little guys? So cute and basically free since they are made from scraps of ribbon and a paperclip. A big thanks goes out to Teresa for reminding me about how fun this project is!

This video will walk you through the basic instructions of creating the bow tie ring. Try not to laugh too hard at the weird head piece I was wearing! I had whacked out Madonna moment with floral mesh… It happens to the best of us.

If you don’t want to sit through the 10 minutes of me talking about how expensive Anthropologie is then check out my little diagram below. It outlines the materials and basic steps that I’ve refined over the months of creating these rings. Note that I’ve taken the staple method out and replaced it with a needle and thread.

So that’s my Flashback Friday craft! If you have any requests for future Hand MAKE My Day Flashback crafts let us know and we’ll be happy to oblige :)

Craft on.

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