When I created the 4th of July party decor challenge I was pretty excited because I knew Andrea would have a hard time putting something together because her entire craft room was packed up. Like shooting fish in a barrel right? WRONG! My stomach dropped when Andrea came skipping out of the kitchen with her garbage bag bunting…. How is it possible that she’s made something so freak’n amazing with only 2 things? The woman is brilliant, end of story.

With my ego already checked at the door I set forth on a journey to make something equally as unique and minimalistic just like the wife but hopefully better (crossing fingers). Since Andrea found all of her materials in the kitchen I figured that would be a good place to start. After only a few minutes (yeah I’m that good) I came up with a BBQ Skewer Starburst. I had to dig through some moving boxes for some craft supplies but it was well worth it in the end.


  • A cork
  • Colored paper of your choice. I used Red and Blue scrapbook paper. If you want 3 shapes per skewer you will need enough paper for 96 punched out shapes. I used 4 sheets of scrapbook paper 2 blue and 2 red.
  • Paper punches. I used the Fiskars Extra Large Comma squeeze punch which I think really added to the firework effect.
  • A rectangle ribbon hole punch or a craft knife for slits in paper.
  • 32 wood skewers.
  • Fishing wire or string for hanging
  • Sharpie or felt tip marker
  • (optional) hot glue
  • (optional) paint


Because what you are essentially making is a giant porcupine I recommend wearing protective glasses and be aware that you are pressing sharp poky things into a small cork. Be careful!

1) Mark 8 dots on the top and bottom of your cork

2) Punch out 96 paper shapes. I did 48 blue 48 red.

3) Punch or slice two holes on each punched out shape.

4) String shapes onto 32 skewers, 3 shapes per skewer. I alternated the directions and did 16 blue and 16 red.

5) First Row (top): Insert sharp point of skewers into top of cork at a slight angle.Press firmly but be careful not to slip and poke yourself. This first row will serve as your spacing guide for the rest of the rows.

6) Second Row: Half inch down from first row insert skewers at slight angle spaced between the first row.

7) Third Row: Half inch from the bottom of the cork and spaced between the second row. Angle opposite as the second and first rows. It’s easiest to hold the cork in the middle.

8) Fourth row (bottom): Angle skewers same direction as third row spacing it in between third row. This is the trickiest part but hopefully you’ve left enough space in the middle to hold it.

9) Gently slide your shapes into the most ideal spots.

10) Wrap string or fishing wire around the middle and hang!

Just like Andrea’s Garbage Bag Bunting project this BBQ Skewer Starburst can be customized in so many different ways for a variety of occasions. If you want to make it more of a permanent installation I’d recommend painting the sticks adding a dab of hot glue before inserting into cork. The reason I didn’t add paint or glue is because I wanted to actually use them after the party is over. It may have a used a few more supplies than Andrea’s Garbage Bag Bunting project but I think my project is a good competitor. With your comments I might have a good chance to win some household bragging rights!


5 Responses to He Made A BBQ Skewer Starburst

  1. Vidette says:

    This is too cool. You and Andrea are amazing.

  2. lisa fulmer says:

    alright, this is pretty damn cute. Do I really have to vote for just one of you?

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