The only time I like to use the iron is when I’m melting something for a craft project. That’s probably why it came as no surprise last Spring when Cliff found me hovering over the ironing board not ironing clothing but ironing drinking straws screaming “It’s perfect.” Yeah, that’s the kinda stuff that makes my day….

The funny thing is when I look back at my project photos even I ask myself “What the heck was I thinking?” I mean who is really going to wear those silly little pendants? Well, I did and somehow people liked them. Although I must say that these accessories like most that I make and wear are probably best suited for Tweens and/or adventurous adults that don’t mind getting odd looks at the grocery store.

It wouldn’t be a flashback post if you didn’t get to see me awkwardly demoing this plastic mess on Cool2Craft. You’ll also get to witness how well I demo under pressure when my stupid craft cam decides to freak out. Must have been the smell of burning plastic that made it mad.

Ahh the good ole days :)

Craft on.


One Response to Flashback Friday: Drinking Straw Pendants

  1. lisa fulmer says:

    goofy cool!

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