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It’s official! We are now in possession of the keys to our very first home! Like many first time home buyers we are excited, scared and pondering how we are going to turn this house into a home. Our very first goal is to eradicate the excessive amounts of beige from the walls, floors, cabinets and light fixtures.

Some might appreciate this neutral pallet but it is pretty much the bane of my glittered rainbow existence. I’ve spent the last 3 weeks dreaming of colorful of window treatments, paint chips, fixtures, furniture, floors, tile, laminate, carpet, molding, lighting and a billion other things but the reality of Cliff giving me full design rein is slim to none. We have what I like to call “design differences” which will make for an interesting decorating experience…… Let me elaborate.

If Cliff had it his way we’d have airplane parts hanging all over the house and everything would be made of some sort of metal that looks like it was salvaged from a WWII ship. Don’t get me wrong, I have a healthy love for vintage military but I really don’t want to feel like I’m caught behind enemy lines every time I sit down for dinner (Exhibit A).

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

In contrast I would glitter all of the walls and make a couch out of girl scout patches. As much as Cliff enjoys a little glitter I’m sure he doesn’t want to dwell in a 16 year old girls room. (Exhibit B)


Source: via Amanda on Pinterest


Some might say, “A home is a blend of both styles.” to which I say, “Hogwash!” Yep…. I said it. Let’s be real. Most homes are not a blend of both styles. In most households the husband happily relinquishes decorating rights to the wife because he could care less about the color of the dust ruffles on the bed. However, some husbands do show interest in decorating in which case I advise you do what my girlfriend does and wait for him to leave town before painting the walls. Ohh if it were that easy with Cliff who works from home and always suspects I’m going to do something crazy to the house when he leaves for more than 2 hours. A valid concern ;)

Although I sometimes dream of not having a co-decorator with such a different style, I still do realize that in the end it’s a good thing. I love a design challenge and I’m excited to see what comes of our opposing styles. A neon wall full of bi-plane propellers? Old vanity with rivets? How about a pom pom ottoman?  Maybe even a rhinestone robot! Either which way we go Team Currie is committed to battling the blah beige. So stay tuned!

Craft on.

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  1. You each need one room to call your own to go hog wild with your own style – maybe Cliff gets the bedroom and you get the studio. Or go smaller, one gets the wet bar area and one gets the bathroom. Then the main rooms are something you can both live with…I suspect you could pull together something really cool with hints of each style! Sounds like a job for Nate Berkus!



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