I know it’s a lame title. Who cares that I’ve painted some frames, right? Well sorry but we’re in the middle of lugging boxes into the new house and in order to fulfill our required 3 blog posts a week I had to pick something… There you have it. The laziest DIY bloggie post eva.

Picked up these dirty little frames at an antique shop in Encinitas for 10 bucks (for the whole batch). Some aren’t put together and will need some special nails to put back together which I will not be doing. I do have some very very very crafty things up my sleeve for all of these frames including the ones that are in pieces…. Just you wait. It’s gonna be fabulous! This antique blue paint is just the very beginning of a project that in the end will have all of you dashing to be the first to pin it on Pinterest ;)

Craft on.

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