The Complete Staircase Flip (Part One)

Floating Beige..

If you have been keeping track, you know by now that Andrea and I have been remodeling/redecorating our new home that came decked out with beige in every corner. I have nightmares about beige almost nightly now.

Over the last two weeks, we have declared war on beige by first removing the carpet and installing laminate Spanish olive flooring, knocking out the tile in the fireplace hearth and replacing it with Andrea’s handmade creation and replacing every beige wall cover, yes, they even painted the electrical wall plates beige. The battles have been waged and won, but the war is far from over.

This week, we take on one of the most serious offenders of beige, it will be an Iwo-Jima of WW2 sized battle, Enter the  stairs to Beigeville.

The stairs are “Floating Stairs” and there are two huge natural wood beams on both sides that, yes, you guessed it, someone at some point in time, lost their mind and painted them beige. As if that weren’t a crime in itself, they had to carpet each stair step in beige. Andrea calls them beige cat scratchers.

A cats dream come true.


I should also mention the banister… It’s a hyrbid from the 70’s with a makeover at some point to make it look like something from the Apple store. You don’t have to imagine, just look at the video.


After struggling with unscrewing stripped screws, it was time to use the cut off wheel and the Dremel Tool

I ended up stripping the screws on my first attempt to remove the wood piece. Then I brought out the Dremel Tool. Be warned, the Dremel Tool with a the carbon cut off bits creates a lot of spark and burns anything within about six inches. You can avoid this by changing the direction of your cut or using a wet cloth to protect stuff from sparks.

The wood wasn’t as heavy as we expected but the metal part was almost too much for Andrea and I to handle.



After a few failed Freecycle and craigslist attempts to get rid of this awkward banister we received some good advice from one of our Facebook friends(Wayne). Take the metal to a recycling place. Wahoo! Maybe we’ll get some cash out of this after all and since Andrea wants to keep the wood around for her bench project, it’s gonna be a win win!



So much better!

Some people get a bit scared sans banister but I think we’re good since the klutziest person I know (Andrea) was comfortably ascending and descending the stairs with ease.

Now onto that carpet!! I am also going to brainstorm a bit more on the wood beams. We may want to paint them white or strip them completely and stain those as well to keep the natural grain.




Well here it goes.

Stay tuned as we figure out what to do with our naked staircase!


  1. 1) that metal railing: you could have used it as a trellis for vines or plants if you have a back patio (if allowed)…or use as a bridge over a pond…
    2) love following all your home improvements! And those wall outlets: CLAY or other artistic coverings! There are hardly any plain ones left in my place. look fwd to your next installment!
    3) If you have pets, PLEASE make sure he won’t fall through the railings—and if nothing to protect,then dont’ let him climb up. OUr blind puppy fell thru the top railing and landed on hard ceramic foyer..disastrous!

  2. Just a note – I don’t think the staircase meets building codes withouth the railing. Be prepared to replace it if/when you want to sell the house.



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