He Vs. She Doorstop Challenge

If we could pick one thing that we love most about our new home it would be how open it is. When we leave the front door and the balcony doors open the ocean air just breezes through. So pleasant. That is if the front door would stay open. Clearly we need a doorstop because this orange Home Depot bucket isn’t going to cut it.

When we started brainstorming and gathering doorstop inspiration it became very clear that doorstops are an extension of your personality.Which left us questioning if we were a retro roller skate, a woodland creature or maybe even one of our favorite art pieces.



Roller Skate: Unica Home

Balloon Dog: ModCloth

Snail: ModCloth

 Then it became clear that although we really love all of the above we needed something handmade by us. Enter the He Vs. She Doorstop challenge. The most unique doorstop with the most comments on his or her blog posts will win household bragging rights. I personally think my initial concept is going to blow Cliffy’s out of the water. More to come!

Craft on.



  1. i think the snail is cute but i hate bending over to place a door stop….so the roller skate wins!! my foot can move it to and fro!!

    • Great point Bernadette! I’m going to take mental note of that while I build my door stop.

  2. cant wait to see what you guys come up with!



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