We just had our first “You own an old home” emergency this week when our pipes became clogged, forcing us to call the emergency plumber hotline. Good news is that our plumber rocks and has worked on all of the surrounding homes pipes which made his diagnosis and treatment much quicker than normal. The semi bad news is that we were advised to make sure everyone in the household watches their toilette paper usage which we were already prepared for but that begged the more complex question of how to politely advise guests to go easy on the toilette paper.

First thing that came to mind was a sign of sorts. Something that reminded people to use less toilette paper but in a cute subtle way. I naturally scoured the internet for some polite bathroom messages with zero luck. I mean what would you call these types of signs? It’s perplexing. That left me to brainstorm all by my lonesome…… “These pipes are old so use less paper.” or ” Don’t clog our pipes.” All too literal and pretty rude! Clearly I was hitting a wall so I abandoned the message brainstorming for some graphics inspiration.

Whenever I’m in a creative slump I always seem to find just the right inspiring royalty free vintage graphics at the Graphics Fairy website. So it came as no surprise that this is where I found a totally cute vintage “Scotia Toilet Paper” graphic just waiting to be used for this bathroom sign project!

If you are needing a similar sign feel free to use the simple message I mustered up or come up with something even more imaginative!

Here’s what I used:

  • Graphics Fairy “Scotia Toilet Paper” graphic
  • Adobe Illustrator but you can probably use something like MS Word
  • Bakersville Old Face font “Vintage Pipes”
  • Arno Pro font “Less is better”
  • Printer paper
  • Ikea Ribba frame

We have our very firsts house guests this weekend so this project was completed just in the nick of time. Ideally I would have printed this onto a nicer piece of paper and maybe I’d use a smaller frame. On a side note the photo was pumped with sepia filter because my bathroom lighting is pretty bad. In person it is black and white. Crisp, clean yet still vintage :)

Craft on.


2 Responses to She Made: A Bathroom Sign

  1. Lisa Fulmer says:

    super cute! i think the laundry symbol for “drip dry” would have been fun too – ha!

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