She Made: Clementine Candles

I came across a cute Apartment Therapy Clementine Candle project via Pinterest this weekend and since I had a bag-o-clementines laying around I thought I’d give it a shot. Before I started I read through the easy to understand Apartment Therapy walk-through and I even watched the Apartment Therapy how-to video found here.

If you watch the tutorial video it instructs you to basically score the Clementine and then gently remove the top and bottom peels essentially keeping the Clementine fruit in tact and the center piece still attached to the peel. I’m not so delicate so I actually just cut the Clementine in half and used my nails to remove the fruit in smaller chucks making sure to keep the white center in tact on the peel. My method is a tad messy but I enjoyed eating the fruit as I went along ;) I also added an extra step to my project by poking little holes through each Clementine top with a plastic fork. In the end it added a nice sea urchin look to the glowing orange orbs.

I was feeling a little uneasy about my candles rolling around or burning through the bottom so I used 3 pedestal tea-light holders that cupped each Clementine just perfectly! When night fell I used a butane lighter to light up the olive oil soaked wicks which was the hardest part because my wicks needed a lot of fire to ignite. I actually only got 2 out of three Clementines to light. For this reason I recommend making more candles than you think you need and definitely use a butane lighter because matches will burn down too quickly.

Use butane flexible lighter

make a larger than normal hole










As noted int he Apartment Therapy Video you should also make sure the hole in the top is large enough to ensure the top won’t burn. I also found that leaving the top off was pretty neat too!

 Some people on the Apartment Therapy comments thread suggested to use a tea-light candle inside of the Clementine instead of using the Clementine and olive oil method. I think that would be cute too because you’d get the glow of the bright orange for a longer period of time and it’s less fuss than lighting a Clementine wick. That’s not to say I didn’t have a total blast making these. I mean how cool is it that you don’t need a candle to make such a neat candle? It’s really brilliant!

Clementine Candles

And because I know my nephews are going to read this I’m obligated to say “Please don’t play with fire because it’s not a toy.” Always have an adult present and if you are that adult, always have a fire extinguisher nearby ;)

Craft on.

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