In our household it’s impossible to break out the spray paint for just one project which is why when Andrea’s Flower Power Outdoor Table project was complete we set our aim on this hand-me-down coffee table. Honestly we weren’t sure if the spray paint would take to the glass but we really didn’t care because anything would have been an upgrade.

We didn’t have any design rhyme or reason for this project. We literally just started taping away on opposite ends using our razor blades to cut away unique angles in the tape. Once we finished painting the metal frame Rust-oleum Painters Touch Marigold, we then gave the taped side of the glass a shot of white Rust-oleum spray paint (just one layer). In this video you’ll see a few of the steps that we completed to get this modern look on the glass.

Instead of coating it with a clear sealer (which we thought would give the glass a cloudy look) we opted to put the painted side face down with some adhesive rubber risers (the kind you use for floor protection on furniture) to keep the glass from sliding around on the frame. So far it’s worked like a charm. The table even made it through our move without a scratch in sight!

You’d think that the colors would be outrageous for our home but it fits perfectly with our playful modern style. We had so much fun making this that we’ve been on the lookout for more glass to paint. Gotta keep an eye on Andrea because I know she’s been eying our windows….



4 Responses to We Made A Modern Coffee Table (Do It Yourself – Another Spray Paint ‘alooza)

  1. Glass Cutter says:

    Very nice! I can imagine changing its look every season.

  2. Chiraag says:

    Way to bring life back to a coffee table! thanks

  3. Fong says:

    An idea for the next time you decide to paint it is a court of your sport of choice. The white makes ice hockey an obvious pick but basketball, football, or soccer fit that general shape too. Sorry baseball fans.

    • Cliff says:

      HAHA… I love that idea! Very Man Cave! Btw– can’t wait to see how your tray ceiling DIY project turns out at:

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