He Made A Jack Daniels Bottle Door Stop

Sometimes when I’m knee deep in a blood, sweat and tears DIY project Andrea feels compelled to throw in some sort of crafty challenge. When she mentioned the He Vs. She Door Stop Challenge, I must say I thought it would be a breeze…. I mean how hard is it to create a door stop ? Well, just spend 5 minutes brainstorming with Andrea and you’ll unravel a bevy of ways a door stop can be so complex. She, after all spent countless hours conceptualizing a crafty little doorstop monster from the dollar store microfiber mitts and ping pong balls, displaying what a brilliant creative freak of nature she really is. At which time I realized I needed to step up my game and this time it was not coming from the dollar store craft section.

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey bottle, Cliff Currie, Mr. Manmade, halloween crafts, halloween decorationsI thought a dead blow hammer, old  hard drive or even a toolbox would be nice since they are heavy and represent the man of the house. Andrea vetoed those ideas and tried me to get on board with something that involved vintage buttons or painted rocks. Not my cup of tea. So instead of arguing we decided to be civil and “discuss” over the last bit of leftover Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey that we had from our housewarming party. Then it hit me like a hammer in a drunk mans hands! Fill the Jack Daniel’s bottle with sand and blam you an awesome pirate door stop. The best part is, Andrea actually liked it!

It just so happens that the Jack Daniel’s Whiskey bottle with it’s flat sides and 750ml capacity was perfect for my little crafty DIY doorstop. I thought it would be nice to add our address number to it but didn’t have nice enough handwriting so I reluctantly asked Andrea to help, knowing that anything that gets whisked away to the craft studio is subject to a variety of girly girl additions. To my surprise she came back with some really nice accessories. I even liked the button. It’s more beachy than my original pirate concept but hey marriage is about compromise, right? I say we let Gracie the Pirate vote on the winner of this challenge.

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  1. Avast, ye scallywag! Ye dare to pillage the last of me grog, then fill me bottle with sand to sate the landlubbers? Aye, with one heave ho, I’ll make shark bait of ye, ye ol’ son of a biscuit eater!

  2. Great idea! I personally think the rope and button are what makes it so nice.



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