Anniversary Gifts

Some people explain their anniversaries as if they are some sort of fairytale, where they’re whisked away to some remote spa and drenched in diamonds and champagne. Maybe for one of our big year anniversaries we’ll do something similar but until then our anniversaries are best compared to a non-drama filled thanksgiving. We will come up with a great dinner idea (Steak), talk about how we are so thankful for each other and then quickly pass out from all the food!


Joking aside, we don’t treat anniversaries as a time to give lavish and expensive gifts. We are house poor Do It Yourself project folk after all. So we make anniversary gifts for each other. Usually it’s last minute and completely silly but we still manage to come up with something that is really meaningful and sweet. Our 6th anniversary is tomorrow and we’ve decided to co-create an anniversary gift together. What will it be? We have no idea but we are really inspired by all of these wonderful handmade anniversary gifts we have seen online!

Lauren Alane’s love birds listening to music!


Next Door To Heaven ‘s burlap pillow. Both masculine and feminine.

K Werner Designs. It’s like this card was made just for the Curries!


Aren’t those DIY projects great? We will be sure to post our Do It Yourself Anniversary creation next week along with a post about my updated anniversary envelope scrapbook!

Andrea Currie, Mrs. Craft-tastic, Anniversary Gifts


  1. Happy Anniversary!! My gift to you will be TAP so you can make that cool anniversary pillow!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Wow thanks Lisa!

  3. i really like the position of both the birds which acts like symbol of couple…further i wish u a warm anniversary & be happy full fill your desire……


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