We don’t have a wedding album because I just haven’t been able to muster up the amazing amount of energy it takes to construct a great anniversary scrapbook, oh and it’s expensive to print out all those photos. However last year I was feeling kind of guilty about how many years had passed without a trace of memory keeping, so I set forth to create an alternative inexpensive anniversary scrapbook. This meant above anything else I had to restrain myself from buying up a bunch super cute scrapbooking supplies (which my bank account also liked). Instead,  I rummaged through my office and landed on a stack of envelopes that I sometimes make craft projects with. The addition of  my tried and true vintage ink pad technique and a few anniversary year appropriate embellishments I found myself crafting up an alternative handmade anniversary scrapbook in no time!

Each year has a photo of us on our anniversary and corresponding anniversary gift materials. I found a list of those on www.happy-anniversary.com. I started with our wedding day and used lace. Year one is paper (paper flowers), year two is cloth, year three is leather, year four is flowers, year five is wood (trickiest material). Year six has yet to be added but the material is candy. I think I’ll be using our favorite candy wrapper on year six’s envelope.

In August I hang up this little homage to my marriage and most people don’t even realize that this hanging scrapbook is made out of standard envelopes!

Did I mention it all folds up for easy storage too? Such a great budget friendly, no stress anniversary memory book that you can easily add onto as the anniversaries pass. Great for those lazy album keepers such as myself or for the seasoned scrapbooker that wants a little fun change up! Even if you have 15 years under your marriage belt this project is so easy to assemble and make your own. Although I’d suggest making a few different rows instead of one long one. Maybe 5 years each, unless you have a really long wall to hang it on ;) My favorite part is that I can add special mementos from the year into each envelope. This year is getting our bill of sale on our first home!

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  1. Lauryn says:

    thank you for stopping over at my site and leaving such a sweet comment.
    {love} lauryn @ lovenotesbylauryn.blogspot.com

  2. itstrott4u18 says:

    i really like your ideas..which is creative and uses simple thing.i appreciate your crafting techniques.

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