Button Pet Silhouettes

Last year I was inspired by my late but great gold fish Pedro to craft up some pet silhouettes, but not just any ole’ pet silhouettes. Button silhouettes! This is probably because I was smack dab in the middle of a button frenzy (where I was getting boxes and boxes of buttons) and I thought it would be a nice way to show off how much love I have for both buttons and my fishy pal Pedro. Now let’s get into what Pedro looks like in buttons compared to the real life Pedro, shall we?

Pedro in rainbow buttons. A grand way to remember him.

Pedro alive and swimming! May his fishy soul rest in peace.

Pedro alive and swimming! May his fishy soul rest in peace.

Striking resemblance huh? It’s pretty easy to craft up your own button silhouette, and it doesn’t even have to be for a pet! How about children’s portraits? That could be really cute!


  • Deepish frame. Mine was The Ribba frame from Ikea and was about 1 inch deep.
  • Decorative or colored card stock or scrapbook paper. Must fit your frame. I used Die Cuts With A View.
  • Regular card stock or scrapbook paper. Can be color coordinated with decorative piece of paper since it might show through the buttons. Must be sturdy.
  • Craft knife
  • Hot glue or sturdy glue like Aileens’s Tacky Glue.
  • Lot’s-O-Buttons. I used about 40 on my fishy. Most of them were from Blumenthal Landsing and some friends personal stashes.

How To:

1) Print out large photo of your pet. Large enough to fit in the frame but small enough to still have a nice border in the frame.

2) Cut decorative and regular card stock to size of frame (insert size).

3) Cut out pet photo and trace onto decorative paper (in the center of it).

4) With craft knife cut out pet shape on decorative paper.

5) Stack your decorative paper on top of regular card stock and trace pet silhouette onto regular card stock.

6) Now take buttons and glue them into the card stock silhouette. You only need to bleed over the lines a little.

Almost finished!

7) When finished stack decorative paper on top of buttoned card stock and put into frame.

8) You will have to hot glue on the backing because the original frame nails will be to shallow for the whole piece to fit.

Another color scheme for my office. Can you tell I really loved Pedro?

So that’s it! I just recieved another bag of buttons from my good friends at Blumenthal Landsing which means I have enough to possibly do a large Gracie dog portrait! Wahooo!! Fear not DIYERs because all of my crazy crafting projects/posts are about to be evened out with Cliff’s baseboard and stair flip reveals! Crossing my fingers for next week.

Craft On.

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