10 Inspiring HandMade Flower Crafts

I don’t believe flowers should be reserved for special occasions especially when you can easily craft up a flower with little more than a few scraps of paper or fabric and some glue. You name any material and I can almost guarantee that I’ve made a flower out of it. Plastic, tin, paper, fabric, yarn, twin and the list goes on. I’m so flower obsessive that I even doodle flowers!

I make my best flower doodles while sitting in meetings.

Below are 1o inspiring flower projects that I’ve crafted over the years. If you were a Craft-Tastic LIVE fan some of these flowers may look familiar but I do have some secret ones that I’ve been hiding! Let’s take a walk down memory lane shall we?


I started my crafting career with paper which is why it’s my most coveted flower material. Paper flowers are great for cards, party decor, or just to have hanging around your office.

Dahlia Made from Post-it Notes!

Tissue flower pom poms for my Birthday!

Spiral paper rose

Folded paper with buttons.

Contact paper flowers on my bar.



Fabric flowers are best shown off by wearing them. For me, fabric flowers seem to always make it onto my head!

Linen Flowers on hat.

Silk burnt pink flowers.

Silk burnt flowers with spring colors.

Craft Night Girls with silk burnt flower headbands!


Lutradur Lily with plastic fork as the comb.

Lutradur Lily with plastic fork as the comb.

Black silk dahlia which made me act like a crazy person!

Something about wearing flowers just makes me a happier person (if you couldn’t tell from that last silly photo). Hope these projects have you feeling the flower power too! If you have a flower craft you’re dying to DIY please let me know (by leaving comments on this post).

Craft On.

Andrea Currie, Mrs. Craft-tastic, Anniversary Gifts



  1. Hi! I am smitten by your blog and creations that you and your hubby have created! I love your outlook and approach to life and creating happiness via DIY :) You two are like my ideal dream couple friends hehe. Tomorrow is my 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend, I always do something homemade since we are broke and trying to save up for a house, I love the paper flowers idea (I have ideas in mind to make them look manly and rocker and bad-a$$ for him since he’s the grungy rocker type) but I am not sure how to even begin creating paper flowers. By any chance (if I have’t already overlooked it) do you have a tutorial you could point me to or a tutorial you know of in internet-land for paper flowers? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks and keep up the amazing DIY projects and the mind blowing inspiration you share with the world :)

  2. Thanks for writing us Mae Jane! Happy Anney to you and your boyfriend. A grungy paper flower bouquet sounds like a ton of fun. First thing that comes to mind are circle paper roses. Although I’ve created a bazillion of these I don’t actually have a tutorial but I found a good one here: http://www.lets-make-greeting-cards.com/how-to-make-paper-roses.html
    It’s probably too late but I’m considering whipping up a fall newspaper or wrapping paper bouquet for tomorrow’s blog post. Keep it crafty!

  3. What a cute flower and sounds like a lot of work but totally worth it I’m sure!


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