A Creative Menu For Special Diets ( Gluten Free, Nitrate Free and more! )

I like a challenge and I know I’m not the only one that has little to no money to accommodate all of the different food preferences and allergies that friends and family might throw your way, so here’s the weekend menu I served to navigate around the no nitrates, gluten free and mostly pescatarian people in my life!

Night One: Taco Salad

Shrimp and Chicken Taco Salads

Shrimp and Chicken Taco Salads
• Organic spring mix
• Tomatoes
• Sour cream
• Tortilla chips
• Shredded cheese
• Salsa
• Refried beans
• Shrimp (for Lisa)
• Chicken (For Cliff and I)
• Bell peppers
• Onion
• Avocados

Night Two: Stuffed Potatoes
Take night one’s left overs and stuff into potatoes!


Hands off my dinner!

Night Three: Bison hot dogs
Nitrate free Bison hotdogs are a great hotdog alternative. We purchased ours from Costco.

Bonus Meals
Brunch: Huevos Rancheros
-Made from our taco salad and stuffed potato leftovers.

Lactose Free/Gluten free Rootbeer floats

Lunch at the Sculpture Court Cafe in Balboa Park!

Nicoise salad in a bowl large enough to fit my head in.

We didn’t get pictures of every meal but I think it’s pretty easy to get the gist of how we did it. Also shows just a tiny bit of our fun creative weekend with our crafty sista Lisa! More on our creative adventures and follies to come! Don’t’ forget to check out Lisa’s website to view her amazing photos and creative projects!

Craft On.

Andrea Currie, Mrs. Craft-tastic, Anniversary Gifts

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  1. We ate like gluten free, nitrate free, lactose free kings!! Love you two!


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