Sounds like a kinky title but I knew if I said “She Played With Encaustics” you would have been “En-what-ics?” Don’t feel bad for scratching your head because I had to Google encaustics before Lisa Fulmer (creative genius and encaustic enthusiast) came to play in my studio with her encaustic supplies. In my encaustics Google search I found a neat website (Encaustic Creations) which not only breaks down encaustics but also shows some neat projects and examples. If I were forced to describe encaustics in my own words I’d say it’s like painting with hot wax (OK more like warmish wax) and because wax is layerable/adhesive you can add all kinds of embellishments allowing for endless creative possibilities!

Lisa's abstract piece using fiber paper, pigment and of course wax!

My favorite part is that although wax seems like a fussy medium it’s actually one of the most forgiving and versatile mediums I’ve ever worked with. Another bonus is that we created some great mixed media tiles in under an hour. I’m a quick crafting kind of girl ;)

My dark whimsy tree! My favorite part was carving through the wax!

Would I play with encaustics again? You betcha! But I won’t be rushing to the store to buy any encaustic materials for myself since Cliff has threatened to call Hoarders if I accumulate anymore craft supplies. Guess that means Lisa and her encaustic enthusiasm will have to visit more often!

Craft on.

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2 Responses to She Experimented With Hot Wax And Liked It! ( Pics Included!! )

  1. lisa fulmer says:

    good times, sistah, good times…and not the least bit sticky!

  2. Cliff says:

    I had fun watching! :)

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