He Vs. She Challenge: Cell Phone Charging Station

It’s been a while since Cliff and I have had a good creative duel mostly because he’s been slaving away on the floating stairs while I’ve been drinking margaritas with friends and needle felting Anthropologie style coasters. Good life, right? Well, sounds better than it really is because while we were busily crafting and DIYing our little hearts out we somehow forgot to clean and organize our house. Sure we could act like adults and dust, vacuum or actually unpack the rest of our closet but that doesn’t play up to our creative competitive sides, now does it? So, I’ve decided to do what any competitive wife would do and seek out the one area that I know Cliff and I will actually enjoy organizing. Look away if you are a squeamish clean freak because here comes the before picture to our He Vs. She Cell Phone Charging Station Challenge!

Our current cell phone charging area. Of course it has to have green ribbon mixed in!

Project: Cell Phone Charging Station for 2 iPhones and 1 guest outlet.

Budget: 0-10 dollars

Guidelines: Must fit nicely within the modern home decor and hide all signs of cables outlets and so on. Also it needs to be wall mounted to save precious counter space in our kitchen.

Voting: Blog readers cast their votes by commenting on the corresponding project posts that they like the most.



Inspiration (from Pinterest)

Source: gadgets.boingboing.net via Andrea on Pinterest

Source: craziestgadgets.com via Andrea on Pinterest


I’d like to say that we’d have our contending charging stations completed by next week but the truth is that Cliff just received a plethora of new tools which means he’ll be noodling in his DIY Den (AKA walk in closet) for a week or so while I noodle on some sangria and paint chip crafts. So let’s say 2 weeks shall we? Until then leave your comments, place your bets or just say hi on this blog post.

Craft On.

Andrea Currie, Mrs. Craft-tastic, Anniversary Gifts


  1. looking forward to what you guys come up with!

    • Thanks!! This should be a fun one! :)



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