She Wanted An Organized Closet (on a budget)

Today is Andrea’s Birthday and it turns out that my crafty girl would like an organized closet for her huge wardrobe rather than the usual outrageously themed Birthday Party. I know that sounds crazy coming from the party planner extraordinaire but you have to understand that when we moved into our home (about 3 months ago) our bedroom fell by the wayside while we worked on our larger Do It Yourself projects (tiled hearth, laminate floors, floating staircase remodel) rendering the bedroom and the closet a total mess. With the larger DIY projects behind us (for now) my focus quickly shifted to making Andrea’s Birthday wish of having an organized closet come true. Budget friendly closet re-organization here we come!



Sometimes the hardest part about these smallish type projects is just getting started. I wanted to start by throwing the contents of the closet out into the bedroom somewhere so I could make room for the tools and materials for new shelves but Andrea wanted to spend a little time organizing her piles onto the bed.

See that pile of clothes in the lower left side? That's my clothing.... All of it!

As she went back and forth from the closet to the bed talking to herself about seasons and colors, I kept thinking “Ok, can I nail something to the wall yet because I just got a brand new nail gun that I’ve been itching to use!” I kept that to myself though (until now).

This place needs shelves!

When the clothes and piles of random stuff were finally cleared out I locked myself in the closet with my nail gun, water based stain, screwdriver and level. As you’ll see below I left the existing (ugly white) closet shelves intact. I’m hoping that in the future I’ll have the time/cash to replace them with some nicely stained ones.

New Shelves On Top, Old Shelves On Bottom

New shelf with handmade Hang Rod with Support Struts


After. Full of clothing (organized by Andrea of course!) Work in progress.

I used lot’s of scrap wood and leftover Biosheild stain from the DIY floating stairs which kept my costs pretty low. Total project cost = <$10

Happy Birthday my Craft-Tastic Queen!

Can you guess what the two wood parallel vertical wall mounts are for? Find out on Monday’s post!! Place your guess in the comments section.

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  1. Ok.. so far someone has guessed it’s a shoe rack..

  2. shoe rack makes sense to me – nice work cliffie, such a good hubs you are!



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