The DIY Clothes Hamper Shelf

Last week I added shelves and a hanging rack to our walk in closet to accommodate Andrea’s mountain of thrift store clothing but apparently that wasn’t enough for my Birthday girl. Once she organized and her clothing by color, season and I think alphabetical order, her focus quickly shifted to a big blank wall of unused space in the closet. Most females would fill said space with a custom shoe rack but because Andrea already made her own shoe closet (Wednesday’s post) she asked for a clothes hamper shelf.

Wall mounted clothing basket shelf

For the record I hate plastic clothing baskets but when I saw this Clothing Hamper Shelf by Ana White I realized that apparently Andrea wasn’t to only one looking for the best way to keep her plastic baskets in check. I designed our clothing hamper shelves to have the best use of space and organization. This meant mounting it to the wall in the closet and using fewer materials.

Simple yet sturdy arms.

Alternatively use the top rack as a hanger holder.

I whipped this up in little more than an hour with a bit of scrap wood and my new favorite tool Ryobi miter saw. Andrea organized it so that Re-wearables will go on the top, questionable wearables in the middle and need to be washed immediately on the bottom. We also have an alternative layout that uses the top shelves for hangers. I have extreme hope that we will actually make good use of this new clothing hamper system…… Only time will tell though ;)

With the addition of this easy little DIY clothing hamper system I’m deeming The Closet Birthday projects complete!

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  1. I really like that!

    I think that would work well in my laundry room, I like Ana’s dresser but it is too big for my laundry room. This would be perfect I think. especially if I used the small square baskets!

    • Thanks for the comment. Yes, it’s perfect for the closet DIY ‘r :) You could even simplify it and make it little crafty shelves that your baskets sit on top of instead of hang from, that way you won’t need your own miter saw.

  2. This is a great project! And I, too, am thinking that this would work really well in my laundry room. (I live in an older house and the closets are tiny!)

  3. amazeballs! i never woulda guessed that’s what the brackets were for – love it!

    • Thanks Miss Lisa Liza Lou!!!!! It’s DIY gone crazy over here!!

  4. Love this! Easy Easy Easy and I can use my scrap wood.

    • Yep… it’s very easy!!! good luck! :)


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