She Made A Shoe Cabinet from Ikea Media Console

Just last week when Cliff completed my closet makeover I realized that I really didn’t have enough space for my shoes and honestly I’ve never liked having shoes in the closet. Something about feet and clothing…. I dunno. Anyway,  my predicament seemed unsolvable until I realized that we already had the perfect shoe cabinet hiding in the corner of our room disguised as a stereo console!

It took very little time, effort and money to turn this blah stereo cabinet into into a fun and functional shoe cabinet. In fact for me it was 100% free since the Ikea stereo cabinet was a free find on Craigslist and I always have tons of contact paper laying around. I simply cut strips of contact paper, adhered them to the cabinet, organized shoes and voila! A stylish and inexpensive way to keep my shoes organized.

How cool is it that I have my own mini shoe closet?! For the first time in my life I can walk into my closet and come out dressed, swing a left and pick out the perfect shoes from my shoe cabinet! I’ve never felt so stylish in my life!

Craft On.

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  1. Wow – that’s a great idea! I love the contact paper touches on it. You have way more shoes than I do though! lol

    • Well Cyn now you have ever more reason to stock up on shoes!


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