Ever since I saw Andrea whip up a few cool Ikea hacks (Frame hat holder and stereo cabinet shoe closet) I’ve been wanting to try one of my own. So I gathered Ikea legs (from my desk riser), scrap wood, wine corks and created what I call the “Roomba House.” I figured since we love our Roomba vacuum enough to name him (Reggie) that he also deserves a neat DIY home. Pretty logical and crafty right?

WRONG! Andrea actually twitched a little when I put the stand on the ground to illustrate the function of my new creation. She in her most polite yet creatively frustrated tone explained how she liked what I built BUT (there’s always a but) she thinks that it’s too bulky. I attempted to make dual use of my new invention by putting Gracie’s water and food bowls on top but it still wasn’t good enough except for Gracie who seems to like her food and water elevated (see video).

Now you are starting to realize why this post is labeled “He Vs. She Challenge.” It’s the first of its’ kind since the objective of the challenge is to come up with the best use of this platform Ikea Hack. Andrea will post her proposed use for the platform on Monday. Then we’ll ask you to help us resolve our differences by aligning (nice way of saying pick a side) with your favorite use of the platform. The person with the most comments on his or her blog posts will win the challenge/household bragging rights! Pretty easy huh? Let us know what you’d use this platform for by commenting below.

Happy Friday!

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2 Responses to He Vs She: How To Use This Ikea Hack?

  1. Lisa Fulmer says:

    I’ve always read that it’s better for a dog’s digestion if they eat and drink from an elevated platform so their head is in line with their body.

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