She Made a Wine Cork Silhouette Jewelry Holder

Every time I open up a bottle of wine I think of how I’m really drinking for a cause…. A sweet crafty cause such as this awesome cork silhouette jewelry holder. I’m feeling a little guilty about taking all the credit for this project because Cliff was actually the one that put the frame of corks together and my father-in-law made the wooden bust for my birthday last year (Full directions and template can be found at Design Sponge here). I can’t even take credit for drinking 200 bottles of wine because I got most of the corks from a local wine tasting shop and the rest are from our personal stash. Boy, I’m really sounding like a lazy drunken crafter!

Wine Cork Craft, Silhouette, Jewelry Case Ok I’ll take a little credit for taking two pieces of unused furniture and making it one big DIY AMAZEballzs jewelery holder! I’m always so delighted when I’m able to re-purpose what I have into something uber-useful, handmade and pretty.  I mean look at how great this cork jewelry holder hack looks with my mini shoe closet hack!

Wine Cork Craft, Silhouette, Jewelry Case

So there you have it, my solution and entry into the Ikea platform hack that Cliff started last week with his ugly (I mean interesting) Roomba House and Dog Bowl Holder. Please leave your comments on the post you think has the best solution (Cliff’s here). I hope you comment on mine not only because it’s an amazing DIY hack but mostly because I’ve already permanently screwed it to the wall. Tee hee!

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  1. I love reading about jewelry and seeing other people use their creativity. Keep on writing and being creative. I would love to read more.

  2. oooh, you changed the cling decor on the shoe rack door, I likey! Cute jewelry business you got going there too.


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