I admire those people that have a vision of what they want to create and instantly know what to use to create it. Me, not so much. My best projects come when I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing and have hardly any materials or tools on hand. When I ‘m feeling creatively stumped you know what I do? I limit myself to three ingredients (yes I often refer to materials as ingredients) and before I know it I have something super cute that I am proud of. This Flower Button Brooch craft made from garden wire, safety pin and colorful buttons is a perfect example of how I thrive using my three ingredient rule.

If you followed my Craft-Tastic LIVE adventures you’ll know that I have an obsession with buttons so I must say thanks to my good friends at Blumenthal Lansing for saving my butt(on) yet again with their inspiring collection of  buttons and findings.

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  1. Lisa Fulmer says:

    so cute, love the stacked colors

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