Yarn and Cardboard Leaf Decorations – A CRAFTASTROPHE!

Notice that I tagged this one “Craftastrophe”? Let me explain why….Often times “we” crafters use cardboard as a base for our crafts because it’s cheap (often upcycled) and it’s a great foundation for lots of craft projects. Sometimes crafters (not going to mention any names here) try to disrupt the flow by giving cardboard a leading role in their projects. Maybe because they like a challenge or because they’ve lost their minds or maybe they just didn’t have enough time or materials on hand to create a cute Fall decor project for their Wednesday blog post. Again not mentioning any names. If you learn only one thing from this post I hope it’s this:


Ok you’ve figured me out… I’m the one that attempted to make raw cardboard work with yarn. Before you go on thinking that I didn’t try hard enough let me just say that I spent a good 4 hours fighting with these two seemingly innocent materials. I even enlisted the help of my self proclaimed “camp counselor” neighbor (bribed her with wine). In the end it turns out that no amount of effort, creativity, neighbors or wine was going to save this project. When Cliff came home from a  meeting and instantly said “Craftastrophe” I knew it was over… Maybe I’m being a bit melodramatic about this. I probably should have tried to disguised this as some sort of kids craft but because we don’t have any children I really only had one way out! Throw a craft fail pity party and add this project in the craftastrophe pile. Let’s take a closer look at the craftastrophe carnage shall we?

If you ever have a craftastrophe I want you to remember that you are not alone. Every fancy pants designer, DIYer and crafter has a mountain of failed projects that they try to hide like a bad habit. Some even tout craftastrophes as totally amazeballz projects. The point I’m trying to make is that you have to have failures to learn from. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. From this cardboard and yarn craftastrophe I learned that the multiplying rule doesn’t always work….. If you have garbage and multiply it you’re just going to end up with a pile of garbage. It’s not all going in the trash though! The yarn wrapped stick (that my neighbor spent an hour wrapping) turned out really cute and will definitely making it into our fall decor lineup. Sans cardboard leaves of course ;)

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  1. if hung by twisty colored wires instead of straight yarn, that might be an improvement. Does Cliff have any failures?

    • Great Idea Lee, And Yes, I have my share of failures… I think I may put a few up soon!. Have a great and crafty weekend! Going to Design anything?

  2. This was so helpful and easy! Do you have any aritcles on rehab?

    • Sure do, just type “Floors” or “stairs” in the search box. Thanks!


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