Water Marble Nails With the Help of Elmer’s Glue

As a child loved nothing more than to peel white glue off of my hands. I would basically make an entire second skin with Elmer’s Glue and spend the rest of the day peeling it off. I thought I was the only weird kid that did this but my girlfriend from Africa told me she did the same thing, yay for global glue peeling! How does this tie into a marble manicure you ask? Well, after failing to neatly marble my nails using the recommended scotch tape method that I found on Youtube and various blogs, I decided to get a little crafty with Elmer’s glue! Isn’t nail marbling just so cool? And yes those are my real nails. I get that question all the time! Ok, now we’re finally at the part where I show you how to neatly marble your nails using Elmer’s glue.

Elmer's Glue, thin paint brush, 4 different nail polish colors, distilled water, paper cup and a bamboo skewer.


With Elmer's or other kid friendly white glue paint around your nails. If you are messy like me go all the way to the knuckle!

Even get the fingertips!

Now let your Elmer’s dry until it’s clear.

Alternate colors at least 3 times.

Swirl gently with skewer.

gently dip fingers in and hold.

Now this is a very important step that I couldn’t illustrate in photos. Before you take your fingers out you need to take your skewer and remove the surrounding excess nail polish. Otherwise it will get pulled up and ruin the design. When you remove your nails they will still look a bit messy but that’s ok because Elmer’s will save the day!

This is what it looks like before you peel off the glue.

Once the nail polish is relatively dry you can begin to peel off the glue and enjoy your unique marbled masterpieces!

It may not be the quickest way to paint your nails but it really does help you stay within the lines (another problem I had as a kid) and it feels ohh so freakishly cool when you peel it off. In fact I’m probably going to use this glue method to do pedicures because although I may be bad at keeping the paint on my finger nails I’m even worse at keeping it on my toenails ;) If you want to engulf yourself in all things nail marbling then check out Simple Little Pleasures YouTube channel. Who knew people had entire channels dedicated to nail painting?

Craft On.

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  1. Loved the alternative!!!! I’m from Curacao (an island in the Caribbean) and I also enjoyed peeling glue off my hand as a kid. Yesterday I tried the water marble technique with scotch tape as recommended and made a total mess…
    Tonight I’m going to try it with glue (yeay…can’t wait to peel it off :P). Than I might post a picture of both on my own blog (www.chroniclesofsy.blogspot.com)

    Thanks for the advice!!!!


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