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For the most part we spend most creative weekends knocking projects off our list and readying them for the blog. This weekend kind of threw us for a loop which means you’ll have to wait a few more days for our finished Halloween projects. Today’s post is a little look into our creative lifestyle and how in 48 hours we picnicked, partied, frantically cleaned the house, entertained drop-in guests, and made a trip to the Emergency Room all while living our tagline “Handmade Happiness.” Proof is in the pictures.

The Famous Peace Love Buttons shirt from Craft-Tastic LIVE made a comeback this weekend!

The Famous Peace Love Buttons shirt from Craft-Tastic LIVE made a comeback this weekend!

No surprise that she has buttons in her hair..... This is leading to a pic of her entire outfit.

Everyone is asking about my most recent Craftastrophe. Andrea's Birthday pedicure is most definitely it!

Warning to all friends that invite us to Birthday parties..... This is typically how Andrea dresses.

Picnic themed Birthday table. Andrea made all of those gingham tags plus the gingham invites.

So we did some partying, picnicking, house cleaning, entertaining, Ikea shopping and crafting but what really put our creative lifestyle to the test was when our neighbor fell down her stairs and called us for help. What I found most amazing about this entire emergency was that before we dashed to the Emergency Room Andrea managed to grab a purse full of buttons, wire and scissors….. It’s like she’s always prepared for a craft emergency or something. Gotta love that crafty girl!

Andrea's version of a stylized SOS Crafty Kit

Proof that we really are crafting in the emergency room (at 10 pm)

Get Well Soon in garden wire.

It's sprained and that pedicure is too nice to be a Cliff Currie pedicure....

Lauren is OK and she smiled when she saw what we had been crafting up for her. Or maybe that was the look of someone on painkillers? Either way we learned that when life throws you a curve ball you’ve gotta take your best swing. This weekend was full of craziness and yet we still managed to be creative just not in the way we expected. We’ll take happy friends and family over knocking out a bunch of blog posts any day of the week.

Sneak peek at the Halloween project we had a chance to work on the weekend. Slated to be released Wednesday!

Did you live creatively this weekend?

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  1. Love it! I always have some crafting supplies in my purse so that I’m ready for moments like that too. Looks like overall you had a great weekend. Hope your neighbour feels better soon!

    • We had a good time. I especially liked the weird looks we got from the nurses walking by ;) I secretly was hoping Lauren would get a cast so I could decorate it. lol.

  2. Those picnic pics look familiar! ;) LOVED having you two there…and of course, how could we have had a party without Andrea’s adorable invites and paper goods?! SO lucky to have friends like you guys!

    • You put on the most amazing birthday picnic I’ve ever seen! Happy to be a part of making it so special for JP :)


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