Easy Halloween Luminaries – He Made Painted Jars

Here’s our newest DIY themed Halloween craft. If you have leftover house paint and empty jars you can whip up one of these easy Halloween Luminaries yourself. We used the excess orange Behr paint that we originally purchased for the Giant Paint Chip Sign and the Yard Stick Pumpkin Luminary crafts. No orange paint on hand? No problemo! You probably have white paint laying around which can be used to create little ghost luminaries. The best part is you get double the fun with a glowing face in the front and in the back!

We live in a small space so using spray paint is never an option for us. I found that latex paint (commonly used in home interiors) provides great coverage and lot’s of glass sticking power. It won’t provide the same sturdy stick and even coverage as spray paint but I think it’s a great alternative when you don’t have the space to spray paint. I was a little sloppy so you might see some paint dribbles but we call that “character” ;)

Flame Behr Paint.

Turns out that latex paint is easy to scratch off making the face design a snap! We used fingernails, ball point pens and craft knifes to achieve our favorite pumpkin and ghost faces.

Once you have a face scratched out, just flip the jar around and use a permanent pen draw on another face.

Insert LED battery operated candle ( I don’t use traditional candles, it’s not as safe ) , place the scratched out face near a wall. Behold the cool luminary you just made using DIY leftovers!

I lose man points when I say something is cute so instead I’ll say that these painted jar luminaries are quite a neat man craft. So neat that we’re going to make about 10 more! Don’t forget to check back with us on Friday because Andrea has a “super cute” Halloween craft that she can’t wait to show off.

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