Halloween Duct Tape Bat Garland By Ms. Craft-Tastic

After many years of crafting I’m finally entering the Duct Tape craft world. A scary and interesting world indeed! Hopefully you haven’t already used up all your duct tape on prom dresses, wallets, rose bouquets or hair removal because I have a cute and easy Halloween Duct Tape Bat Garland that will make you squeal (or whatever sound a bat makes).

 I’d like to say that I used silver because I’m a Duct Tape purist but the reality is that I can’t just go to the store and buy only one neat Duct Tape color. More than likely I’d buy the whole rainbow and well…. That’s a lot of money for a crafty girl! I’m also assuming that just about every person on the planet has silver Duct Tape lying around. Add some some string and scissors and you have all you need to whip up a cute Duct Tape Bat Garland! Here’s how:


This project proves that even if you are stuck (pun intended) with Silver Duct Tape you still will end up with a really cute Halloween garland. I’d like to see someone do these little bats or maybe pumpkins in multiple Duct Tape colors though…. Email me if you do, ok? Andrea at Hand MAKE My Day dot com ;)

Craft On.

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