She Made a Cupcake Liner Chandelier

This weekend I had 10 dollars to spend on party decorations for our upcoming pumpkin carving party. I honed in on cupcake liners because they are reasonably priced and come in a myriad of colors and patterns. It just so happens that through lack of time I figured out an easy way to make a neat cupcake liner chandelier plus a plethora of other cupcake liner decor crafts using one common DIY material. Painters tape!

This craft is as easy as 1. Squish 2. Tape 3. Hang!

White painters tape is so awesome because it is sturdy enough to hold a long garland yet forgiving enough to not rip apart your liners when you need to reposition them. Plus you can’t see the white tape through your cupcake liners. I’d imagine you could use regular tape if you don’t have painters tape laying around but it might not have the same hold as painters tape. My chandelier is very simple and the glass is far from the light bulb source but to be safe we only use CFL bulbs which give off much less heat than regular light bulbs. Please practice common sense when putting paper products near a light source.

Taping the liners VS. stringing them maximizes your cupcake liners allowing you to make even more party decor! I spent 5 bucks on 500 cupcake liners which made a chandelier, a looooooooong garland (not pictured), neat table runners and fun pumpkin accents.

With plentiful patterns, colors and shapes of cupcake liners available the decor possibilities are endless. I’m completely addicted and will be using painters tape + cupcake liners in all of my 2011 holiday decor. Stay tuned for more fun fall themed decor because Cliff has a crazy fun project that fills our bare white wall with copious amounts of Halloween cheer. The best part is that he also used painters tape and another inexpensive common party product! We’re unveiling that project plus a fun video with one of his original songs in it on Wednesday!

****** Update ******
Click here to see Cliff’s Balloon wall art project and fun time lapse video with his original song dedicated to me. Swoon!

Craft On.

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