Simple Party Balloon Art Wall Craft

Who would have thought that using painters tape to string up a balloon wall to create balloon art would be such an easy and inexpensive way to add a fun and festive look to a holiday party? I’d like to take all the credit but this clever little crafty trick came from Andrea’s painters tape and cupcake liner chandelier. That wife of mine is so brilliant! Enough about her though. Let’s take a look at the balloon wall that is sure to have our guests “Ohhing and Ahhing” at this weekends pumpkin carving party.

The possibilities are pretty much endless with this easy party decor craft. For our wall we worked in vertical lines and alternated the direction of the balloons on each line. To get a better idea of how we did it watch our time lapse video (with a funny song dedicated to my Muse).

You’ll notice that the video doesn’t show us blowing up the 90 or so balloons as it is the most time consuming part of this craft. If we had kids this wouldn’t be an issue (kids are basically professional balloon blower uppers) but because we don’t have any spare children laying around we were forced to use our air compressor. We recommend blowing up 20% more balloons than you need because of poppage and unforeseen gap filling.

The balloon wall has been up for 4 days now and it’s holding strong. We’ve only had to replace a few popped balloons which is quite easy to do because the painters tape is still sticky. We’re confident that it will continue to hold up until this weekends pumpkin carving party. Andrea is loving it so much that she wants to do the ceiling! How cool would that be? We’ll definitely take pictures if we find the time.
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